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The Azalea Formosa is a low maintenance evergreen shrub native to southern India. A member of the Rhododendron family, it sports clusters of highly pigmented fuchsia blooms in Spring. In warm climates, the shrubs may even produce a secondary bloom in early Autumn.

Azalea Formosa are noted for having more leathery, pointed foliage than other varieties of Azalea, which can bring textural interest to a landscape when the shrub is not in bloom. As the shrub matures, it takes on a pleasing rounded shape that takes very little care to maintain.

Like others in the Rhododendron family, the Azalea Formosa thrives in soil that is moist and acidic. It can be successfuly grown in both full sunlight and partial shade.

Azalea Formosa are adaptable, hardy shrubs and are a welcome addition in many types of landscapes. They are show stopping grouped with other varieties of Azalea for a sea of color in Spring, and can lend a bright beacon of color if planted singly among other evergreens.

Azalea Formosa Lavender

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