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A charming sight in any landscape, beach sunflower - sometimes called beach daisy - blooms with bright yellow daisy-like blossoms.

This is one plant that doesn't like to be over-loved. A native plant, it likes our sandy soil and is nicely tolerant of dry conditions.

It flowers on and off year round, with a fast spreading habit.

Beach sunflower is very effective as a lush, front of the border planting. It also makes a great surround for a palm, lamppost, fountain or bird feeder.

It's best used in a casual landscape for its cottage garden appeal. The blooms attract butterflies, and make pretty cut flowers for the dinner table.

Plant specs

This groundcover is a fast grower and gets about 18 inches tall. It needs full to part sun to flower the most.

Zone 10 is best, where it will flower year round. You can grow it in Zone 9B but it may die back in winter and come back in spring.

Salt tolerant and drought tolerant, it's a good plant for beachside locations.

Beach Sunflower

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