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Of all the allamanda varieties among South Florida shrubs, bush allamanda is probably the most easy-to-grow, with bright green foliage and abundant yellow flowers.

The clusters of golden trumpet-shaped blossoms appear on and off most of the year - more during warmer weather.

The plant will grow too large eventually to work as a foundation shrub, but other than that, it's one of the most versatile yellow flowering shrubs for any sunny spot.

Its size and color make it an ideal accent, hedge or single specimen for the yard...even a not-too-tall privacy screen around lanai or pool cage.

Equally at home in formal landscaping or a more casual setting, all this pretty shrub requires to keep it neat and tidy is an occasional trimming to bring out its naturally elegant form.

These plants tend to become bare at the base when they're more mature. If you dislike that look, grow small plants around the allamanda to cover up the trunk.

If you like allamanda but the bush variety is too large for your needs, consider the dwarf variety.

Bush Allamanda

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