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Lovely to look at, easy to grow - gold mound offers amazing color as a delightfully bright accent in any South Florida garden.

The shrub's brilliant golden color makes it one of the most valued colorful foliage plants.

It beautifully complements other landscape colors (including green).

Yellow is the color the eye sees first, and this plant's distinctive foliage is testament to that fact.

Use it where you want to draw attention. Avoid planting as hedges or lining your foundation.

It's best used sparingly in the landscape as a pop of color...too many of these eye-catching shrubs distract from other important elements in the landscape (such as your house).

And if your home is painted yellow, place other greenery behind this plant.

Plant specs

This evergreen plant does best in Zone 10. It's a moderate grower you can keep 2-1/2 to 3 feet.

It prefers a full to part sun location to maintain its vivid leaf color...in more shade it will turn more green than gold.

It does bloom - tiny lavender flowers - but they're almost invisible against the brightness of the leaves.

Plant care

Add top soil or organic peat moss to the hole when you plant. You can add in composted cow manure as well to enrich the soil around the root ball.

Place it in a well-drained area, the more sun the better for the most vibrant leaf color.

Trim to shape anytime, and prune it back fairly hard in spring - late March to early April.

Water regularly, and fertilize with a good granular fertilizer 3 times a year (spring, summer and autumn).

Plant spacing

Position these plants about 2-1/2 to 3 feet apart. Come out from the house 2-1/2 to 3 feet.

This shrub will grow in a container and makes a non-messy plant for poolcage planters.

Gold Mound

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