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Named for its red, grape-like fruit and native coastal growth, the Sea Grape Bush is a unique spin on your classic fruit variety. And it’s versatile, as well as adaptable, because it thrives in sun-soaked areas while tolerating drought.


Plus, it’s easy to maintain. The Sea Grape is tolerant of drought, salt spray, wind and a number of different soil types, so there’s no hassle involved in its care. So, whether you’re by the ocean or farther inland, the Sea Grape Bush is a must-have. And its fruit is edible for you and graceful wildlife, so it goes above and beyond. Use the one-of-a-kind fruit to make tasty jams and jellies. Though you will need both a male and female Sea Grape to get fruit, the entire process is effortless.


So, the Sea Grape is a must-have for its exotic, one-of-a-kind silhouette…and its unbelievably low-maintenance growth.


3gl pot- nice and full, fast growing plant.

Sea Grape Bush

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