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A blanket of blooms in white, lavender and purple elevates the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Plant. In fact, this plant is a rare source of purple-blue tones, and it's a reliable tropical bloomer in all but the hottest locations.


These showy flowers truly live up to their names. Brunfelsia pauciflora got its common name from its blooms. These flowers last for three days and change colors each day. On the first day, they are purple (Yesterday), the second day they change their color to lavender (Today), and on the third day it changes to white color (Tomorrow). The blooms are noticeable because of the color transformations in three days. You can easily make out whether bloom is yesterday, today, or tomorrow by just looking at their colors. This flower starts blooming in the summer months and lasts till September or October, which is what makes it a more desirable one.


Even better? It truly thrives in the shade. This makes the Yesterday unique when it comes to flowering shrubs since it grows well in shady areas, even under tree canopies. From foundation plantings between windows to borders along fences or even in containers, the Yesterday can grow to a large, full size with plenty of vivid colors.


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